Who We Are

Greetings from the Mayor

As Mayor of the Village of Valley Waters, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our beautiful community. Whether you are a Valley Waters resident or a visitor to our area, our team of dedicated Council and Staff are honoured to serve you.

Valley Waters covers a large geographic area that lends itself to outdoor recreation of many types, such as: golf, fishing, softball, skating, snowmobiling, ATV trails, scenic drives, covered bridges, waterfalls, cable ferries, steam ship wharves, historic cemeteries, boating and hiking. Our area is also home to many small businesses, three volunteer fire departments, three schools, several churches, a licenced daycare, and many dedicated volunteers and community organizations who make a positive difference for others every day.

As Mayor, and on behalf of Village Council, I extend a warm welcome to you. Our community is a community that helps each other out in times of need and the kindness and compassion that our residents have for each other is second to none. Together, we will continue to build upon our strengths as we work together to move the new Village of Valley Waters forward for you.

 – Randy McKnight, Mayor

Mayor and Council

(L to R) Harold Keith, Stephen Muir, Carey Beth Gillis, Randy McKnight, Lindsey Ganong, Charity McDonald, Ann-Marie Snyder

Randy McKnight


Ann-Marie Snyder

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ward 4

Lindsey Ganong

Councillor, Ward 3

Carey Beth Gillis

Councillor, Ward 2

Harold Keith

Councillor, Ward 4


Charity McDonald

Councillor, Ward 1

Stephen Muir

Councillor, Ward 2


Angela McLean

Chief Administrative Officer

Jackie Clement


Douglas (DJ) Sheehan

Norton Public Works Supervisor

Bruce Sherwood

Belleisle Valley Fire Department Chief

Bill Palmer

Norton Fire Department Chief

Adam McDonald

Wickham Fire Department Chief