About Valley Waters

Our Community at a Glance

Valley Waters was legally incorporated as a Village on January 1st 2023, merging the communities of  Norton, Springfield, Kars, Wickham, Norton LSD and part of Upham LSD. This change occurred as a result of the province-wide Local Government Reform process. The municipal reform process led to a reduction in the number of government entities in New Brunswick from 390 to 77. Valley Waters is now one of 21 villages in New Brunswick.

What has changed?

Former LSD’s of Springfield, Kars, Wickham, Norton, and part of Upham, (along with the former Village of Norton) now have government representation on a municipal council, and will also have input into regional matters such as land use planning, economic development, tourism, and regional recreation.

  • By-Laws for the former Village of Norton  remain in effect for Norton only, until they are reviewed by Valley Waters Council and amended / repealed / or approved by Council for parts, or all, of Valley Waters. This review process is likely to take 1-2 years.
  • Planning, budgets, and administrative services are now handled by Valley Waters not by the Dept. Local Government
  • Each of the former LSD areas still have their own tax rate (Valley Waters Council may or may not combine some budget items in the future).

What has NOT changed?

  • Community names have not changed. However, they are no longer considered LSD’s.
  • Mailing addresses, civic addresses have not changed.
  • Road maintenance service providers have not changed. Roads previously maintained by NB Dept.  Transportation and Infrastructure in the former LSD’s will continue to be maintained by them. Roads previously maintained by the Village of Norton Public Works crew will continue to be maintained by them.
  • Solid Waste haulers will not change for 2023. Whoever picks up your garbage now will continue to do so. Valley Waters will be required to issue a tender call for solid waste hauling, since the current contracts with the Province expire at the end of the year.
  • Fire service providers will not change. Whoever responds to fires in your area will continue to do so. The three fire departments in Valley Waters will now report to Valley Waters instead of the Dept. Environment and Local Government

For more information or questions, please contact the Valley Waters Municipal Office. 

Click on the above map for a PDF of the full area.